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ATS health & beauty care offers full spectrum product development & manufacturing, from concept to completion. Contact us today!

Production Services We Offer:

* Professionally branded Cosmetic preparations for Skin care, Makeup, Shampoo, conditioners, creams, oils, Hair spray, Lip balm, Lip gloss; Make up removing preparations; Make-up; Non-medicated hair serums; Non-medicated hair treatment preparations for cosmetic purposes; Skin cleansers; Skin cream; Skin lotion; Skin moisturizing gel

* Custom Manufacturing

* Private Label Manufacturing

* Export

We specialize in emulsions, gels and surfactants, and are able to manufacture any product run of 100 L to 10,000 L. We can fill any plastic bottle, tube, drum or tote ranging from 5 ml to 1000 L. We can also offer product formulations services, packaging design as well as stability and microbiology testing.

· Our product quality is constantly monitored by our Quality Assurance Manager.

· All of our products are manufactured with safety seals.

· Each individual bottle, jug or cubes are lot coded for easy traceability.

Types of products:

* Health & Beauty

* Cosmeceutical

* Oral/Dental

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